Urban Green Houses LLC

Catering to Your Unique Farming Needs

At Urban Green Houses LLC, we build custom greenhouses for our clients. Our great attention to detail and fine workmanship is what has sustained us for over 45 years in the business. When you work with us, you not only get a personalized greenhouse in your backyard but also get access to farming experts who can show you how to maximize the potential of your greenhouse and yield the best produce.

Consultation & Guidance

We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you to sustainably grow 100% organic fruits and vegetables for your family. We can consult with us about

  • Soil Systems
  • Hydroponic Systems
  • Aquaponics Systems
Urban Green Houses LLC
Urban Green Houses LLC

Why Choose Us

Urban Green Houses LLC has been helping clients with

  • Growing their desired fruits and vegetables
  • Guiding them about the duration of the cultivation process
  • Determining the right size of the greenhouse according to their specific needs